Please get in touch with me by telephone (which has an answering machine), fax or by


I speek spanish, german and english.

Luis Espinosa

Adress: C/ Tabaiba, 1 (Tamaduste)

E 38900-Valverde/El Hierro

Canary Islands, Spain

Tel/Fax & answering machine: 0034 922 551 295

Mobile Phone: 0034 670 821 360 (+34 670 821 360 by mobile)


I can also offer advice on the following:

1. Moving from the U.K. or Ireland to the Canaries

2. Purchasing of properties

3. Obtaining residents permits

4. Official formalities

5. Vehicle purchase and repairs

6. Obtaining tax reference and Police registration

If you wish you can also contact my daughter, Laura Elena with regards to renting of accommodation or car hire. She also speeks a little english. She works for the car hire company "Cruz Alta" at the airport.

Telephone number for Laura: 0034 922 550 349

Fax number: 0034 922 551 300

If you contact me by Fax or e-mail i require the following information.

1. First name and surname

2. Place of residence

3. Your contact telephone/faxnumber or e-mail adress

4. When you would like to stay and for how long

Many thanks for your interest.